The InternView with Sweta Gangopadhyay


 Name: Sweta Gangopadhyay

Hometown: I was born in India, but I was raised in Dubai.

School: New York University

Major(s): Business (Econometrics + Marketing)

Current team you're working on? Dialogue Strategy

What is your favorite internship memory thus far? Even though us interns have only a short while here at Ogilvy, every day is a chance to make great memories with even better people. I think one of my favorite experiences so far has been getting to know my team better, whether it be through working on the same projects with them or through grabbing food with them. One of my other favorites has definitely been cheering on during the FIFA World Cup™ matches with fellow Ogilvy soccer fans!

Why Ogilvy? As cliché as it is, I think that the people at Ogilvy are the company's biggest asset. From the first day, every person I've met has made me feel welcome and part of the bigger Ogilvy family. Everyone is very open to talk, and genuinely interested in your experiences!

What do you think is special about this internship? I think one of the cool things about this internship is that you get a chance to go through a highly strategic planning process when you get involved in the intern project. This project not only gives you a chance to work together with your fellow interns to create something really creative but also gives you a chance to present it to the client and put all that hard work to practical use!

Go-to office outfit? I like wearing dresses or long skirts with a blouse most days - but jeans are good for days when I don't want to dress up too much!

Guilty pleasure? The chocolate chip cookie sold in the Café downstairs (which is unexpectedly amazing).

Proudest moment to date? It's a tie - the day I got my college acceptance and the day I got my Ogilvy acceptance!

Favorite thing to do in NYC? SO many things! But I think if I had to pick my top three they would be 1) going to a NY Philharmonic concert, 2) finding hole-in-the-wall cafés in Greenwich Village and 3) reading a book in the Ramble or the Hallett Sanctuary in Central Park.