The InternView with Abby Hall


Name: Abby Hall

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

School: UNC Chapel Hill

Major(s): Advertising, Entrepreneurship Minor

Current team you're working on? IQVIA

What is your favorite internship memory thus far? My favorite internship memory was attending the pride party on the roof which was hosted by one of our professional networks here at Ogilvy. I had such a fun time meeting my mentor and getting to know several of the other interns there.

Why Ogilvy? I chose to work at Ogilvy because I had the opportunity to tour it last year and immediately fell in love with the culture. Since I started working here, I have come to appreciate the culture even more. The people I have met are not only amazingly talented but are also inspiring team players. It is so exciting to meet new people here every day.

What do you think is special about this internship? This internship is special because it is designed to help you meet people and learn as much as you possibly can. We have had so many different events to help us bond with the other interns, get to know our mentors and learn valuable information about Ogilvy.

Go-to office outfit? Black jeans, any top and black platform sandals

Guilty pleasure? Binge watching Mad Men

Proudest moment to date? Someone asked me for directions on the subway last week and I could actually help guide them!

Favorite thing to do in NYC? I love visiting museums, trying all the amazing deserts here and going to concerts!