The InternView with Dorrie Greenfield


Name: Dorrie Greenfield

Hometown: Villanova, Pennsylvania

School: University of Michigan

Major(s): Communications and Marketing

Current team you're working on? Account team for Gerber

What is your favorite internship memory thus far? Running into Delaney, Abby and Madi on 9th ave after work, joining them for dinner and having surprisingly deep talks!

Why Ogilvy? To a be part of something bigger than myself

What do you think is special about this internship? There was an immediate sense of community as soon as we got here, which is rare for such a big agency.

Go-to office outfit? Funky, comfortable pants and a nice shirt

Guilty pleasure? Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Proudest moment to date? Getting this internship tbh

Favorite thing to do in NYC? Explore and read at cute caf├ęs