The InternView with Chukwuma Egbuzie

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Name: Chima Egbuzie

Hometown: Nigeria and the Bronx

School: Clark University 

Major(s): Film studies and Economics

Current team you're working on? Account team for Lenovo

What is your favorite internship memory thus far? My favorite memory is witnessing my colleague Madi figure out how to unlock her laptop. We bonded through figuring it out. 

Why Ogilvy? I applied to Ogilvy through the 4A’s MAIP program in which Ogilvy picked me. However, I love the projects that I’m working on and my Lenovo team is AMAZING. 

Go-to office outfit? Dress shirt + pants + sneakers

Guilty pleasure? Have you tried the office Mokaccino? Omg!

Proudest moment to date? Self-funded myself to study abroad in Berlin, Germany.

Favorite thing to do in NYC? Photographing my friends and taking the train to anywhere.