The InternView with Hannah Loughlin


Name: Hannah Loughlin

Hometown: Washington, DC

School: Columbia University

Major(s): Art History and Classics

Current team you're working on? Account team for American Express

What is your favorite internship memory thus far? Probably the first time I emailed/got to speak on the phone with the client. It just felt really cool. I felt like I was actually part of the team, and it felt very professional. It was kind of the first time that I truly realized that I actually work at Ogilvy, which was pretty great. 

Why Ogilvy? As a Classics and Art History double major, I haven't had a lot of experience in particularly one professional field and my majors don't exactly line up with a particular career. I wanted the experience of working at an ad agency that allowed me to get a holistic sense of the industry and also valued people that come from different backgrounds. Starting with my application, to my interview and upon my arrival here it has been clear that Ogilvy really values having people from all different walks of life. I think it is what makes it such a strong company. Moreover, I really appreciated that the program placed you in a particular department based on your general interests and that I didn't have to apply to specific departments.

What do you think is special about this internship? I think what is so special about this internship is its emphasis on learning. The Lunch & Learns have been great, especially since they have been about areas of the company that I am not really involved with. They do a really good job of giving us an idea of what the whole company is like, so that we don't really feel like we are in a bubble. On my team there has been a focus on making sure that I understand how and why things are done the way that they are. Basically, I like how much mentorship there is and concern that we truly come out of this internship with a full understanding of both advertising and our individual positions. 

Go-to office outfit? Culottes and a blouse.

Guilty pleasure? This has been the summer of guacamole for me. I think I have to go with that.

Proudest moment to date? This is such a hard question. I think one of my proudest moments, just in terms of experiences, was meeting Hillary Clinton. 

Favorite thing to do in NYC? Going to art museums and concerts.