The InternView with Jim Palmer


Name: Jim Palmer

Hometown: Rye, New York

School: Princeton University 

Major: Psychology

Current team you're working on? Ogilvy Consulting 

What is your favorite internship memory thus far? After missing a string of happy hours with other interns, I finally went to one last Friday. Our original destination was closed, but we walked until we found another one, and I had a really good time. It definitely inspired me to make more of an effort with happy hours in the future.

Why Ogilvy? I wanted to work at Ogilvy for a combination of reasons. It's a global company with a reputation as being among the best in the world at what it does, it's got capabilities in (seemingly) every aspect of everything related to marketing/communications and I knew that working here would give me a chance to be exposed to all these people, and finally, I really just wanted the chance to learn more about brands and how they come to life.

What do you wish you knew about Ogilvy before you started? I had never expected the general quality of the people in this building to be so high across the board! In orientation, everyone we heard from mentioned how great everyone is here. It was only until I started working and meeting people that I realized that everyone really is very friendly, helpful, and fun.

Go-to office outfit? Pink chucks, jeans, t-shirt

Guilty pleasure? The halal cart on 43rd street

Proudest moment to date? Last week, a project team I was working on had a meeting to review a deck that I had put together with our group presidents. I had heard their reputation for being somewhat ruthless with their feedback on early stage decks, so I was prepared for the worst. After the meeting, one of the junior members of the team came up to me and said "Honestly, that went way better than it usually does. Nice job." What I had thought was ruthless feedback was actually "way better" than usual. I'll take it.

Favorite thing to do in NYC? Frisbee in central park