The InternView with Madeline Kobberger


Name: Madeline Kobberger

Hometown: Short Hills, NJ

School: Lehigh University 

Major(s): International Relations, Business, and French

Current team you're working on? Ogilvy CommonHealth 

What is your favorite internship memory thus far? I love Fast 5's with my team. Every Thursday, we gather on the couches in the back for snacks and drinks. We talk about the top five events of the week. It's a good way to end the week and stay up to date on events. 

Why Ogilvy? I love the diversity of all our clients. We globally work with everyone from IBM to pharma brands to Coca-Cola. You really have the opportunity to take on any client. 

What do you wish you knew about Ogilvy before you started? I wish I knew how cool the building would be. I always tell my friends that we have amenities that make the office feel like home. I also love that we have an established intern program that allows us to meet up and take a break from our teams a few times a week. It really allows us to take advantage of everything Ogilvy has to offer. 

Go-to office outfit? Shirt dress!

Guilty pleasure? I really love going on really long runs in my hometown. I can disappear for hours.

Proudest moment to date? Climbing to the top and scaling the peaks of Mont Saint-Victoire in the South of France. I'm deathly scared of heights, so I may have been having a panic attack the whole time.