The InternView with Madi Mucha

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Name: Madi Mucha

Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware

School: University of Delaware

Major(s): Marketing Major with Social Entrepreneurship & French Minors

Current team you're working on? Account team for EY and Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

What is your favorite internship memory thus far? One of the first weeks here, the interns planned a picnic at a park on the Hudson after work. And after, a few of us walked the High Line, had an impromtu group photoshoot and grabbed dinner at Chelsea Market. I went home thinking “wow, I'm working with some pretty dope people!” Also, anytime Abby breaks out into dance or that time Chima went on vacation. 

Why Ogilvy? The culture, atmosphere, and mission to "make brands matter" really aligns with what I value in a company. And, the people that work here are innovative thinkers with a passion for creativity - it's so inspiring! 

What do you think is special about this internship? One morning, I opened an email mentioning that an artist was performing on the 10th floor in a couple hours. A super hip singer/song writer, Ashe, came and performed... in our office. It was so sick! And, later that night, I went to her concert in Brooklyn with another intern. Random things like that make this program so unique.

Go-to office outfit? You can never go wrong with funky dress pants, a white top, and stylish sneaks (especially if you have to walk to work). Oh, and you might want a jacket because it gets chilly in the office!

Guilty pleasure? Avocado Toast. That is all.

Proudest moment to date? Becoming a Site Leader for UDaB, a service-learning organization at my school. Researching and preparing all year, co-leading a program in the spring, and watching my participants learn and make genuine connections was so heart-warming and inspiring. 

Favorite thing to do in NYC? Exploring parks, admiring art, and saying "yes" to new (and sometimes strange) things!