The InternView with Milan Genovese

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Name: Milan Genovese

Hometown: Oceanport, NJ

School: Villanova

Major(s): Communications

Current team you're working on? Account team for American Express 

What is your favorite internship memory thus far? Finding out our assignments on the first day of orientation is my favorite internship memory. Everyone was so excited and shared my anticipation, it felt great to finally find out my team assignment and celebrate with my fellow interns!

Why Ogilvy? Because, in the words of David Ogilvy, I "aim for the company of immortals.” I knew professionals at Ogilvy were the best, and I wanted the opportunity to learn everything I could from them.

What do you wish you knew about Ogilvy before you started? I wish I knew ahead of time how cool and down to earth everyone at Ogilvy is. I wasted a few days being nervous before the internship started, but everyone I've met is so patient and willing to teach me new things! I also wish I knew how far Hell's Kitchen was from every subway line, I would have purchased more comfortable walking shoes. 

Go-to office outfit? Anything layered, I'm always hot from my commute in the morning then reaching for a sweater at my desk 10 minutes later!

Guilty pleasure? Hippeas - I've bought them in the Cafémore than I'd care to admit. 

Proudest moment to date? My proudest moment so far was when a client complimented a deck I had spent hours helping my manager work on during a check-in call. I texted my mom and friends about it right after work because I was so happy! 

Favorite thing to do in NYC? Eating my way across the city is definitely top of the list, followed by running in Central Park with my roommates (to balance all the Insta-worthy food I've eaten since getting here!)